Fun Sized Fitness: Working With a Trainer

Personal Trainer_1

Hey blogosphere! It has been a while since I last posted and I just want to write down my thoughts about yet another step of progress in my fitness journey. A few weeks after I moved back to Taiwan, I joined a gym and decided to hire a personal trainer affiliated with the gym. It was not an easy decision. The gym membership itself was a hefty sum and the personal trainer was a SUPER big investment on my part. But I’m at the point in my life where my fitness and health are very important to me and this is an area where I am willing to spend big money on. So I decided to bite the bullet and purchased 24 sessions with a combination of regular personal training and TRX. I assumed the routine of having two sessions per week and it has spanned almost three months. I currently only have one session left next weekend. After that, I will be on my own again until I save up enough money to purchase more sessions.

First, let’s talk about my trainers. My gym assigned me with two trainers so they could rotate and, boy, are they two completely different people. One of them always had a structured routine planned for me. Conversation with him wasn’t as interesting and mostly centered around fitness and training. My other trainer decided which exercises we should do on the fly, usually based on what I wanted to work on and how hard I wanted him to push me. Conversation, with him, between sets was much livelier and I felt the relationship was friendlier, instead of one that was strictly between a trainer and a client. Both methods had its pros and cons, but I enjoyed my time with the second trainer more. I felt the sessions went by faster and I liked how it was more like working out with a friend.

In the beginning, I learned how to operate and train on the machines that were available at my gym. As I grew stronger, I progressed to free weights and the bar. Eventually, I was able to squat and deadlift using the bar and plates. I was also taught how to use a variety of cable machines. Towards the end, I started doing TRX with the trainer that was TRX-certified. TRX was very fun and challenging. A lot of it depends on how strong and focused your core can be and I’m a big believer in having a strong core. I’ve decided I will purchase my own set of TRX equipment so I will be able to train independently after my sessions are over. My other trainer started having me do a combination of high-intensity exercises because I had expressed to him that my main goal was to decrease body fat. He also did boxing with me for one of the sessions because he was certified in teaching boxing.

Personal Trainer_2

How do I feel after three months of working with trainers? I feel amazing. My muscle ratio is at its highest and my body fat is at its lowest. Working with trainers has also expanded my knowledge of lifting and using machines which makes working out by myself more effective and efficient. I have gotten into the habit of training by myself even without my trainers present and they believe that has played an essential part in the transformation of my body. I now better understand what to do, and I know how to squat and deadlift correctly.

I would recommend hiring a trainer if you are serious about being fit and taking your fitness to another level. But without commitment and hard work on your part, no amount of personal training will change your body. When I hired a trainer, I felt like I had plateaued and I needed an extra push. This extremely large investment did just that. Even though it was a great deal of money, it was worth every single penny and I would absolutely hire them again in the future.


4 thoughts on “Fun Sized Fitness: Working With a Trainer

  1. slowmotionsmile says:

    First I wandered to your blog because I like how cute the name was, haha! It’s awesome that you made so much progress and got to know more about lifting 🙂 And you’re in Taiwan! I used to live there for a year and hopefully going back next fall! ^_^

  2. Irvin says:

    When you save up enough, will you stick with your previous trainers, or spring for a new one, with different certifications?

    Also as you talk about needing personal investment, although this is probably addressed in previous posts, what factors finally gave you the push to start training on your own outside of classes and training sessions? Getting there sometimes seems like the hardest part…

    Anyways, great post. 🙂 Glad to see you’re doing well over there!

    • The Fun Sized Asian says:

      Hi Irvin, it’s good to hear from you! When I save up, I will probably go back to the one trainer I thought I meshed well with.

      I think it’s always hardest in the beginning. It takes a lot of self-motivation. My trainers emphasized, again and again that I had to regularly work out myself if I really wanted to see a difference. And since the training sessions were such a big monetary investment for me, I really did not want to see them go to waste. And after the first month or two, it just became a habit. Once working out becomes a habit, it becomes much easier to self-motivate.

      I think it also helps if you tell people around you that you’re trying to become fit/lose weight. Then, you’ll have form of external pressure/expectations to live up to. This might not work for everyone, but it worked for me. Hope this helps!

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