Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe

After I left my job at the end of January and my kid brother also happened to be in LA on winter vacation, the whole family went on a 10-day vacation. Our first stop was at Squaw Valley, a resort on the north short of Lake Tahoe. After an 8 hour drive north from LA, we checked into our hotel room just in time for the start of the Super Bowl.



Our suite was super nice and came with two bathrooms and a fully stocked kitchen. We ended up just cooking all of our meals instead of eating out. The restaurants at the resort were overpriced weren’t anything to call home about.

20150219funsizedfitness_tahoe3The next day, my brother and I got our snowboard and boots and hit the snow. I had never snowboarded before so my brother taught me the the basics. After a while, we tried to look for a green slope but all we found were blue and black diamonds. So we were the two weirdos wandering around the base looking at ski lifts. Finally, a friendly ski lift operator told us all of the green slopes were located two mountaintops over and we could only get there by the aerial tram.


The view on the way up was breathtaking. It was a shame that a lot of the snow had melted on the north facing side, but what remained created a beautiful sight. My first time going down the trail was rough, to say the very least. I probably faceplanted five times and the only way I could brake was by falling. Getting on and off the ski lift was a challenge too. The first time I tried to get on the ski lift, my brother accidentally inadvertently pushed me off the lift. My first reaction was to hang on with my hand and the lift dragged me a few feet while I was under it. The ski lift operator freaked out and stopped the lift, but, thankfully, I was okay.

After lunch, we tried out another slope. It was still green but it was longer and slightly flatter. The view from the top was gorgeous. I could also see a little bit of Lake Tahoe from the top of the trail.


20150219funsizedfitness_tahoe1The next day, we headed back to the top again to tackle another day of riding. By then, I had gotten pretty good and I could make it down the entire trail without falling. The view was so beautiful and as I was sitting on the snow and preparing to head down, I just couldn’t help how good life was and how thankful I was to be alive.



20150219funsizedfitness_tahoe7After we wound down from riding at the end of the day, we decided to drive to the lake. It was nearing dusk and wasn’t very light out. But the lake was still beautiful. I wish there would’ve been more snow. I missed seeing snow ever since I left Greece in 2008.

20150219funsizedfitness_tahoe5The next day, we did the 8 hour drive back to LA again where we rested for a day before we headed to our second stop. Check back again for my recap of Las Vegas!

Photo credits: All taken with my HTC OneX


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