Fun Sized Fitness: 2 Month Progress


It’s been about two months since I became fully committed to being healthy and I thought I would do a little progress report and share some of the lessons I’ve learned.


I’ve lost 7 kg (about 15lb) from my heaviest weight in the summer of ’14. I’ve gone down about 2 sizes in clothing. Almost everything in my closet is a little big on me right now; or if the item was a little too snug on me before, fit perfectly now. I feel lighter on my feet and more energetic. Even though the difference may not be entirely apparent in the comparison picture above, people around me say the difference is obvious. Even my family members who see me everyday say they see it too.

Lessons learned:

1. Allow yourself to have cheat meals.
During the week, I hardly eat any carbs or meat. For protein, I add an avocado to my lunch salads, have egg whites with breakfast, and/or have some fish for dinner. Because I eat so healthy during the weekend, I allow myself to eat anything I want for 1-2 meals during the weekend. During that meal, no type of food is off-limits. But that doesn’t mean I stuff myself. I still stop when I’m moderately full. By allowing myself to have these cheat meals occasionally, it stops me from overeating or binge eating.

2. Pick an exercise routine you love
I talked about this in a previous blog post. By picking something you love doing, you’ll actually go do it! I think Pilates is super fun and I actually look forward to my hour of exercise every day.

3. You will come to love it
I used to hate working out. It was partially because I wasn’t doing a routine that I enjoyed, for example, running. But once I picked Pilates and stuck to it, I gradually came to love it. The first few months are tough, but once you overcome that initial hump, everything becomes so enjoyable. Regular exercise makes me feel so happy and awesome. If I have a headache or a stressful day at work, a Pilates session with my awesome instructor makes all of that melt away. So even if you hate working out now, trust me, you’ll get over that and come to really really love it.

4. Eating healthier gets easier too.
I used to think that eating healthy was so restrictive. I couldn’t have carbs, fried food, or most processed foods. But as I got into the habit, it got easier. I didn’t crave junk food and I actually looked forward to trying out different healthy recipes. So everything does get easier, trust me!

Although I have made a decent amount of progress, I feel I’m not done yet. I’ve pegged down bigger and tougher fitness goals to tackle. I want to start lifting weights and doing more high-intensity training to really bring my fitness level to a whole new level. It’s not just a phase, or a diet, or a health kick. Being healthy is a lifestyle and one that I think everyone should embrace.


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