Fun Sized Fitness: Day 2 Fail

So I was all pumped about starting my fitness journey on Sunday, right? I was ready to eat clean and work out like a beast. But then… major fail on day 2. After a client meeting with a co-worker and our boss, we were treated to In ‘N Out. In my gut, I knew it was WRONG, but the thought of the toasted bun, the patty, and the fries crisped just right was too much. I gave in and said yes.


I mean, how do you say no to this delightful yumminess? To make it a even bigger fail, I had a Coke. A COKE!! I haven’t had a soda in months. Boy, go big or go home, right?

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of that meal, but I told myself, no more! So, when it rolled around to Donut Thursdays at the office, I said no. I even strolled to the office kitchen to look at the donuts and told myself I couldn’t have any. The sugar glaze, chocolate top, and rainbow sprinkles gave me their come-hither looks, but I stood firm. I closed the lid of the of the donut boxes, proud of myself for coming out stronger. I may fall, I may occasionally fall off the bandwagon, but I can also get back up. It’s standing up and learning from your mistakes that count. It’s not about winning the battles, it’s about winning the war.


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