And… I’m No Longer a Student


As of 5/17/2014, I am no longer a student! The week leading up to graduation was pretty crazy. I finished off six professional exams and got ready for a weekend of festivities. Graduation weekend kicked off with a reception on Friday night for family members. Meeting family of friends made me just a tad sad that mine weren’t here. Early the next morning, I headed off to get my hair done. Another girl that came along remarked that it felt like we were all getting married.


The ceremony was drawn out and the commencement speaker was horrible. Talk about trying solve the Middlebury takeover down our throats. We finally got our diploma holders and headed off to the reception to schmooze and take pictures.



We went to a swanky seafood place for dinner and then to a graduation party at a new restaurant in town. The next morning, we went to Sunday brunch before bidding farewell to a few friends who were heading out of town. This concludes the graduation festivities. And it’s onwards to the next adventure.

Photo credits: my Nikon D90


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