First Time (Full) Spa Experience


I’m a big fan of massages. There’s a nice little (cheap) massage place that I like to go to in downtown Monterey. But the BF didn’t like the fact that all the masseurs in the place are middle-aged Chinese men. So for Christmas, he gave me two gift cards to a high-end spa in a hotel. I didn’t get around to using until this morning. And OH MY GOD, IT WAS HEAVENLY. Honestly, if I were filthy rich, I would get massages all the time.

I’ve never had a full-on spa experience before. There have been spa “open house” days where you pay a small fee and you get to try out different treatments. But this time, I was going to get the whole deal. Exciting! I arrived half an hour early to spend some in the outdoor Jacuzzi.


After spending 20 minutes in the Jacuzzi, my therapist, Dominique, came to get me to go into the massage room. It was my first time getting a massage. Should I be completely nude? Should I keep my undies on? Dominique was super nice and answered all my questions. She left briefly so I could get undressed and get under the covers on the table.


She was not kidding when she said she has a heavier hand. I asked for a lot of pressure and that’s exactly what I got. I got the Symphony Massage which is the most basic treatment. She used a lot of oil which she removed afterwards with a hot towel. I didn’t fall asleep but I was just so relaxed. I was in THE ZONE, sort of like an out of body experience.

I had such a relaxing time that I was sleepy all day and would just doze off at random times. My thoughts: a expensive massage is definitely worth it. I still have quite a bit of money left on my gift card, I shall save it for after my professional exams are over.

Pictures: Lumina Day Spa Website


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