The Dragon

When going through my room, I came across a poem written by a friend back in high school that was dedicated to me. Thought I would share it with you all.

This poem is dedicated to Joan, who is almost as cool as a dragon.

Turning around from the hills,
From the horses’ fretting,
He stared, the wind through windswept hair,
As the sun was setting.
The stars came out, one by one
Taunting the sun,
And night would always come.

The moon shone,
Yet he sat, thoughtful, on a stone.
The moon grew bright,
Yet he sat, thoughtful, through the night.
The branches stirred, wind blew,
Yet he sat, thoughtful,
The bravest of a few.
A dragon came, his friend
He tried to tell him of his thoughts,
He said, it would all have to end.
The dragon wept,
Said he should stay,
But no, the secret must be kept.
“Then let me stand by your side!”
“No, it is me they want,
You must hide.
I shall return.”
“When? For others’ sake,
why must you burn?”
“All that has happened is because of me.
Do not weep. Soon…
I will be free.
And rest assured, when that day arrives
Those who have done wrong will be in fear
For their lives.
Mine is the price that must be paid
A temporary bounty,
A human, tired and frayed.”
“I will wait forever if I must
Til everything, my very bones
Turn to dust.
But what sign do I wait for
In the dark?
When do I open my heart?”
“When wild birds fall in flight
When shadows roam throughout the night
When spirit born of dark and light
Whose eyes will mirror sky and sea
Whose image if like you, not me
Whose Dark will bow to after you
You will see that all I knew
Will all be true.”

The sun was rising in the West,
He sighed, he cried,
And no one knows the rest.



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