13 Going On 14


The Fun-Sized Asian is back! I thought I would kick off the new year with a look back at 2013 and list some resolutions expectations for 2014.

At the beginning of 2013,  I vowed, in my New Year’s Resolutions, that 2013 would be my year. In many ways, it has been. I’ve successfully overcome a huge academic hurdle to make it into the Conference Interpretation degree track at MIIS. I’ve also been extremely fortunate to embark on a relationship with a wonderful fellow MIIS student. He, and this relationship, has helped me to grow and learn more about myself. I’ve had health issues in the latter half of the year, which has led me to be even more determined to put my health first.

So what are my expectations for the new year?

1. Exercise at least four days a week.
2. Eat well. Make good choices.
3. Reconnect with God. – Pray and read the Bible more often.
4. Graduate and pass all my professionals.
5. Find a kick ass job.
6. Smile!
7. Tell my friends and family that I love them. Often.
8. Be thankful.
9. Be healthy, be happy.


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