December Update

This semester has been totally insane and crazy intense. The main bulk of the semester is over with and I am just waiting for finals to be over with. Soon, in less than two weeks time, I shall be on a plane flying back to my love, TAIWAN!

Some highlights of the past few weeks:

  • I started learning Krav Maga! It literally means Israeli hand-to-hand combat and is used by the Israeli army. My friend has started a little group where we practice on the beach. I’ve only done one session of it, but it’s so much fun! And it’s an awesome workout. I was so pumped that I started researching where I could keep practicing and learning when I’m Taipei for winter break.
  • Had a 2nd year Chinese T&I Party at my house. I am truly an event organizer extraordinnaire
  • Visited Hearst Castle with the BF. STUNNING PICTURES of the pool to follow.
  • T&I Fall Forum was a huge success! There will be a separate post for that once I get the chance.
  • I cooked my first American Thanksgiving dinner last Friday. Took me about six hours to prepare a blueberry pie, 12 lb turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Pictures will be coming in a separate post!
  • The BF and I drove up to the Bay area on Thanksgiving weekend to meet up with some friends and go wine-tasting in Napa. We went to two wineries and tasted about 8-9 wines. I had a major case of Asian glow going on. Aaaannnd like before, separate post to follow!
  • Flight to land in Taipei on 12/17!! Too excited for words!

All right, that’s it for now. Joanski out!


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