Perseids Meteor Shower


It was a cold crisp Monday evening a little more than a month ago. A spur of the moment decision to forgo a movie night and spend a couple hours in the wilderness in Carmel Valley, hoping to catch a glimpse of a shooting star. If you were lucky, you could even make a wish. After a two hours of shivering in the cold and constantly adjusting the shutter speed on my trusty dSLR, I ended up with these pictures. I thought they were pretty successful for a newbie nighttime photographer like me and I even managed to capture a few meteors.

There is just a sense of peace and tranquility by being out there, feeling almost one with Mother Nature. Something that cannot be replicated by being indoors or by being around other human beings. There is something about just lying on the dirt, gazing up into the abyss, and wondering at what may be out there. Words cannot fathom the awe that overwhelmed me, the beauty and the fluid stillness that moved me.

perseids2Milky way?


perseids 4Photos: All taken with my Nikon D90. No Photoshop was used.


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