Things I’m Thankful For

I’m still cruising on top of my wave of maddening euphoria, so now I’m going to ramble about some things that I’m thankful for.

  1. My awesome parents.
    I have an extremely good relationship with my parents. I talk to my mom about basically everything. (Well, almost everything.) I go to my dad for advice for almost every subject. Including boys. He usually tells me all boys are stupid. But our conversation usually center around a whole host of topics such as politics, economics, and translation. Both of them have been extremely supportive of what I want to do. Unlike other authoritative Asian parents, they give me and my brother pretty much free reign. They also have confidence that they rasied us to be solid people who will always make the right choices. (most of the time)
  2. My awesome kid brother
    Like me, he has a little piece of the interwebs where he focuses his rants and teenage angst. You can find him at Sponte. We have a pretty amazing relationship, I would say we are more friends than siblings. I credit this to the fact that we moved around a lot as children and we were always each others’ playmates when we didn’t have any friends. We talk pretty much everyday or at least once a week. His annoying kid brother antics get on my nerves sometimes, but hey, what sibling relationship would be complete without some bickering?
  3. Having a multicultural, multinational, and dynamic upbringing
    I used to think being bounced around all over the world as a child was tough. But I’ve grown to embrace and love it. I had the chance to acquire another language as a small child which led me to where I am today. I had the chance to travel and experience cultures. Instead of having an identity crisis and feel like I don’t really belong to any place, I embrace this ambiguity. I navigate the world differently than my American or my Taiwanese friends. I accept the fact that I have different values than my friends and that’s what makes me unique.
  4. Being financially stable
    Well, I guess I have to thank my parents again for this. My parents scrimped and saved when they were young, just so they would be able to provide my brother and me with anything we could ever ask for. Different from a lot of my American peers, I can leave graduate school and start my life without student loans constantly looming over me. I never have to worry if I couldn’t hang out and have a beer with friends just because I was a little tight on money. But being comfortable hasn’t let me become a little brat. (At least I hoped it hasn’t.) I recently accepted a minimum wage part time job on campus and I know how hard it is to earn enough money to provide for myself and those I have to support.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, having an awesome God behind everything I do
    People ask me why I believe. They wonder if I’ve witnessed any miracles or life-altering event in my life that made me believe. My reply? Everything in my life has and will be a miracle. The decisions that my parents made and that I’ve made were not by accident. Every single choice shaped my life and if any single thing was different, I would not be where I am today. So have I seen a miracle? No, but I’m living one.

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