I’m Feeling Haaaaapppyyyyyy

I’ve been kind of having a downer week, so I looked forward to having a quiet weekend. It felt kind of weird to not have the almost routine Saturday-dinner-and-a-movie with him. But I stayed in, kicked back with a brewsky and “Grease.” I have never seen it before so I decided to rent it on Amazon and watch an incredibly young John Travolta shake his booty. Man, I gotta say, he’s got more swag than Bieber will ever have. I already knew the plot and most of the songs, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. But I enjoyed it.

I had been struggling with a dilemma this past week, a separate struggle from my feelings about him. It was a moral/spiritual issue that I’ve been struggling with for a while. I had gotten lazy about praying and reading the Bible as of late, so I hadn’t been hearing anything from God and what he wanted me to do about this whole thing. This morning, I went into church, just expecting it to be a normal Sunday. But I felt the whole sermon was speaking to me. It was like God was using the pastor and every single word to talk to me directly. It was so amusing that the sermon came at such a fitting time. As the sermon progressed, I found myself smiling more and more. It was almost as if I saying to God, “nice move, dude.” The service motivated/inspired me so much that I came home and watched a service from my church in Taiwan which, in turn, reignited my passion for God and my spiritual hunger. So I basically spent the entire afternoon singing contemporary Christian gospel in my room, praying, and catching up on a LOT of Bible reading.

Another part of this happiness is that I made a new friend over the weekend. Wow, I totally sound like an over attached kindergartner. Oh, well. New friends that you really connect with are always cool. And, out of nowhere, I decided I wanted to sponsor a child through World Vision. This was something I always knew I wanted to do, but I never got around to it. But today, it just felt right. I scrolled through all the beautiful little faces on the website and I just wanted to help all of them. But I couldn’t. So I settled on a beautiful six year old girl from Mali called Aminata.

There’s many different ways I want to give back and I believe this is a nice place to get started while I’m still in school. After being down in the dumps for the week, I’ve realized how fortunate and blessed I am, which explains this crazy surge of pure joy that I’m experiencing right now. This feeling is also the main perpetrator behind this rant-like happy post.

I’m just sooooooooooo hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaapppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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