#DOMA and #Prop8

I woke up this morning to #DOMA and #Prop8 all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds. The Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional and overruled Prop 8 of California. Later in the day, I was at the gym when I saw MSNBC do a report on the rulings. I was so moved by the reactions, the joy and jubilation that was expressed. So moved that I felt a tightening in my throat and tears threatened to well up in my eyes.

As a Christian, I’m not supposed to support gay marriage and gay rights. But I do. I’ve thought about praying and reading the bible, changing my views so they are more in line with the beliefs of my church. But after today’s news broke, I realized my support for love, straight or gay, was so deeply ingrained in me, that there was no way I could change it

Does that make me a bad Christian? Am I a bad Christian because I believe all of God’s creatures are beautiful and that all love is beautiful?


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