Day in the (Summer) Life of Joan

0630: I hit the snooze on my alarm three times before I turn it off. In my mind, I make up some crazy excuse not to go to the gym and drift back to sleep.

0800: I drag myself out of bed, around the secondhand bookshelf I just bought from my neighbor and over the piles of clothes on the floor that I never put away from the week of partying I allowed myself to indulge in.

0845: Open the fridge and contemplate why there is nothing to eat for breakfast. I finally decide on a bag of baby carrots and a Nature Valley bar that I toss into my bag on my way out the door. Man, I really need to go grocery shopping.

0857: I get into work, sit down and turn on my computer. As I’m deleting emails from my work inbox, the screen zaps and the power goes out. Woohoo, this is going to be fun.

0900: Faculty members are now congregating near my desk and talking to my supervisor, not sure what I should be doing right now…

0902: One faculty member said the entire downtown area is out. This is so typical Monterey. There have been like three blackouts in the past semester.

0905: Deciding between reading this week’s issue of Economist or Facebook. Facebook prevails!

0907: Munch munch munch on my baby carrots as I Skype my brother in Taipei on my phone. Thank you, baby Jesus for 4G. Oh oh, someone said the power won’t be back on until 1130.

0958: Lights come back on! HALLELUJAH! But wait, computer and landline still dead. Dang it.

1015: Since there’s nothing to do, I’ll make a mail run. If I smoked, this is when I would sneak out for a smoke break. But alas, I’m not.

1017: Lady in mail office, you need to smile more.

1037: Supervisor decides to run some errands and leaves me to hold down the fort. PARRRTAYY TIME! Damn, she says I have to clean out one of the hall closets.

1100: Contents of hall closet: A gajillion binders from the last century, crayons from 15 years ago, and 10 graduation gowns. No spiders surprisingly.

1133: Fifth person to walk by and ask me if the power is back. I’m just the front desk graduate assistant, I ain’t God, alright?? Let me finish this Nature Valley bar in peace, y’all.

1155: I will either die of boredom or fall asleep, whichever comes first. Even the large plate of cookies and watermelon on my desk is not enough to save me. At least I can get out of here in an hour.

1230: Computers are back on! But wait, there’s no internet. I hear from a workstudy at the Center of Nonproliferation studies that people are going crazy ver there because of the network.

1245: Network’s FINALLY back. I can finally be a responsible workstudy and reply to some emails before my shift is up.

1257: Enroute to my second job of the day, giving prospective students a campus tour

1320: Opps, I wasn’t supposed to finish this early. Can’t blame me for having such a tiny ass campus. Must take people into ALL buildings tomorrow as to not finish awkwardly early.

1344: On my way to Our Farm Stand at Earthbound Farm Organic for lunch

1350: Monterey weather is schizo. It’s completely sunny but windy as hell

1438: NOM NOM NOM yummy beef & bean chili and panini. All organically grown and produced!

1500: Walking around the organic gardens. OMG what are lamb ears? It’s a plant that feels like fricking lamb ears. I WANT TO CUDDLE WITH THIS PLANT

1540: Driving through Carmel Valley. So pretty. So many houses on golf courses.

1606: Home sweet home. I need a nap.

1610: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1830: Oh shit, did I really sleep for an hour and a half? AHHHHHHHHH. It’s gusting like a fricking hurrican outside. Weather be cray

1859: Heading downtown to a cafe with H to save R from drinking himself into oblivion.

1902: We get into the cafe and R is already on his 5th beer.

1907: Apparently the waitress he’s really into is married. But he still comes here to order beer after beer after beer.

1936: I order my second panini of the day. Man, I love these things.

2012: R is so drunk he’s standing in the middle of the cafe and juggling strawberries.

2050: J is here! I can tell he is depressed but he wants to be around people. He’s completely ignoring the fact that he still has a paper to finish

2114: R just got two more beers. And he kissed J. J’s not happy… He prefers hot chicks over drunk Japanese guys

2150: We get out of there before R can do anymore damage.

2157: H and I are walking R home. Just in case he passes out halfway there.

2158: R has a psuedo British accent when he’s drunk. It’s hilar

2211: He’s home safe

2228: Glee Season 1 Marathon at H’s house! I think I have some leftover cheesecake in her fridge.

2256: I feel kind of bad for not practicing today. Making it by practicing four hours tomorrow…. maybe.


2350: Skyping with my brother again. Conversation topics range from my recent escapades to projects I should take on over the summer to bolster my resume

0001: Current episode of Glee stares Neil Patrick Harris. It’s weird seeing Barney Stinson on Glee.

0007: Time to go home and call it a day.

0014: Night, world. It’s been real.


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