Sailing on the Bay

Baysailing1Back in October or November, a bunch of my friends and I brought Groupons for one hour sailboat rides on the Monterey Bay. But we never got around to using them, until we realized they were going to expire mid-May. Hence I ended up on a sailboat for 8 on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. We were extremely lucky because previous few days had been cold and icky but the sun graced us with its presence yesterday. The water wasn’t super choppy but yielded waves just high enough to give us a tickle as we rose up and down.

Baysailing2As we headed out of the wharf and towards the Bay, we passed by the enormous sea lions that lounge around underneath the boardwalk. I’ve never realized how big they were really were until I saw them this close. Truly beautiful creatures.

Baysailing3On our way out, we passed by several fellow sailboats. Apparently, sailing is something that rich white people like to do, especially in the New England region.

Baysailing4Halfway through the ride, another brave soul and I decided to leave our seats and move to the bow of the ship. It was a pretty awesome experience and there were definitely moments where I could have rolled underneath the ropes around us and into the water. As we prepared to make our way back into the wharf, I lied down and soaked in the sun. It was in the moment that I understood why people like to go sailing. For me, it was the feeling of being at peace and being one with the water. Water sustains life but can also destroy it in a heartbeat.

Photo credits: All taken by me with my Nikon D90


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