National Sibling Day

Sibling DayI may be a few days late in celebrating National Sibling Day, but better late than never.

My little brother is three years younger than me. We are polar opposites in terms of personality, interests, and future aspirations. But despite of these differences, we are close and always have been. (He may disagree.)

We were bounced around from country to country, school to school as children, so we were the perpetual “new kids.” But we had each other. We watched Pokemon, Arthur, and Boy Meets World Together. We built forts in our playroom and invented unique back stories and personalities for each of our stuffed animals. As we grew older, he graduated to video games and I moved onto nail polish and phone calls with my friends.

When I left for college, we remained close through Skype. We made it a habit of calling each other regularly, talking about girls, boys, school, and just sibling nonsense. Our dynamic changed from me treating him as a kid brother to more as a friend. Just yesterday, I was severely frustrated with life. My stress levels were through the roof due to academic pressure. After he found out what I was going through, he offered me words of encouragement and what my next steps should be. It was then I realized he wasn’t a little kid anymore. He’s an adult now. And I am proud to call him my brother and friend.


One thought on “National Sibling Day

  1. Lincoln says:

    Oops, just say this post LOL
    First of all; aww i’m really touched, and honored to be your brother, you’ve been a role model for me..and a bridge for connections haha
    Secondly, I do not disagree (in response to your second paragraph), we’ve always been close and we will always be. It’s nostalgic now that i think back on our childhood; good times.

    Yo Bro

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