Food in San Francisco

Over spring break last week, my friends and I decided to spend five glorious days in San Francisco. There were a lot of wonderful aspects but I wanted to write a post just about food, because I’m a foodie!


farm:table 2

farm:table 3This little breakfast eatery is located between downtown SF and the Tenderloin District. After being introduced to the goodness of the place by my friend during my trip to SF  last August, farm:table has become my go-to place for breakfast every time I am in town. This trip, I went there on two different mornings, just because I couldn’t get enough. My choice of beverage is always the milk and honey which is honey mixed in warm foamy milk, topped with a pinch of nutmeg (pictured immediately above.) I also tried one variation of their daily toasts (there are several and all delicious), their pickled egg sandwich, and their potato tortilla. Every recipe is different and unique and I have never ordered the same dish twice. It is a definite must-go!

754 Post Street


Boudin is famous for its San Francisco Sourdough bread and the clam chowder bread bowl. Boudin is where this dish originated from and, in my opinion, tastes the best. There are several locations and the one I went to is conveniently located along the Wharf. At this particular bakery, you can see the bread being made through a huge window, oftentimes into the shape of turtles and crocodiles. Even though this place gets pretty touristy, it has never failed to disappoint.

Wharf location: Bakers Hall

Don Pisto’s

Don Pisto’s is a small Mexican restaurant in North Beach. I picked this restaurant from a mini middle school reunion while I was in SF because I had a craving for Mexican food. But, I made the unfortunate mistake of coming here on St. Patrick’s Day with a block party just a few minutes away. Due to the restaurant’s policy that they do not take reservations for parties smaller than six people, I had to go there and wait on the spot. The wait was over an hour. Yet, that wasn’t the biggest problem. The noise level inside the restaurant was extremely loud. I almost couldn’t hear anything my friends were saying. But the food was extremely good and does not disappoint. It is a little on the pricey side for the size of the dish. Sunday brunch offer bottomless mimosas for $17. If you’re into that thing, I hear they are pretty good. I would recommend coming here on a week day and hopefully, the noise level won’t be as bad for you.

510 Union Street

Lai Hong Lounge

When I came to San Francisco, I told everyone I had to eat dim sum. I don’t care how far I had to go or how long I had to wait, I just wanted some really good dim sum. One of my friends told me there was a really nice place in Inner Richmond, so I had my heart set on going there. But as we were heading back downtown on Powell Street one day, we passed by Lai Hong Lounge. There was an extremely long line so my friend and I were curious. After we looked it up online, we found it was a dim sum place. We decided to go there because it was much closer to where we were staying.

We got there early, around 11, so the wait was only 15 minutes. There were four of us and we ordered around 13 dishes. The food came out fairly fast and it was absolutely AMAZING. I’m a big fan of dim sum and I’ve had my fair share of it all over. This is, by far, the best dim sum I’ve had in the US. The service was good. Extra points to Lai Hong because there was a super cute waiter who wasn’t responsible for our table but he stopped by often to see if we needed help with anything. I later found out he’s most likely the manager. The noise level was fine, which was surprisingly since it was always full of Chinese people. (We can get pretty loud.) Overall, five stars! I, personally, will keep coming back to Lai Hong whenever I am in town.

1416 Powell Street

Chantal Guillon Macarons

Chantal Guillon 1I’ve always wanted to try macarons, but none of my friends in Taipei were interested. Luckily, one of my travel companions lived in Paris for a year and is a big fan of them. So we took a bus ride onto Hayes Street to Chantal Guillon Macarons on the recommendation of my local friend. There were so many varieties that it took me a good five minutes to decide on what I would eat. The macarons were just the right amount of fluffy and sweet. I picked salted caramel, passion fruit, pistachio, and jasmine green tea. I would recommend the pistachio (if you’re a fan of pistachio) and the salted caramel. My friends also recommend the dark chocolate yuzu. There is a also a lovely range of freshly brewed tea to choose from, if you feel you need something to balance out the sweetness. Definitely recommended if you are a fan of macarons!

437 Hayes Street


Just a few steps away from Chantal Guillon Macarons is Smitten. I have to say, right off the bat, THIS IS THE BEST ICE CREAM  I HAVE EVER HAD. Made from ingredients you can actually name (no weird artificial chemicals), the mixture is frozen on the spot using liquid nitrogen. This results in the densest, yet smoothest and creamiest ice cream ever. Three large scoops of ice cream was only $6 and there are a number of sauces and toppings that can be added. Smitten is located in a remodeled shipping container that offers a tiny sitting area. But if the weather is nice, you can take your ice cream into the little park located adjacent to the store lot and enjoy it on a bench. I have only good things to say about this place. I would give it a bajillion stars if I could.

432 Octavia Street

Check out my reviews on some of these places on Yelp!


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