2012 in Review

2012 was a year of many personal achievements.  I graduated from National Taiwan University. I matriculated at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. I started living in another country, besides my home country, on my own for the first time. I survived the Mayan apocalypse. I met people that I would have never imagined ever meeting.

When the fireworks went off at the beginning of the year, I was anxious and excited. I was about to close a very important, life-changing chapter of my life and open, yet, another life-defining chapter. I was about to leave the comfort of my undergrad, full of people I had come to know and love; the campus that I had explored and come to know like the back of my hand. As a last hurrah, I led my department’s graduation production of Dead White Males in May. In June, I managed to scrape by my final class with a passing grade. In July, I graduated and bid farewell to a youthful innocence.

My five months in Monterey taught me so many things in such a short period of time. It taught me that I may be good, but there is always someone who’s better. It taught me that drinking is a form of socializing. It taught me that wine is something to be enjoyed and savored. It taught me to constantly seek and hunger for knowledge. It taught me that people that hold vastly different moral values can still be close friends. It taught me that age doesn’t matter. It taught me that overthinking things will only drive you insane.

2012 was the year I leapt out of my nest in search of my future. I search for new knowledge and new experiences. 2013 will be a defining year. I welcome it, embrace it, and I shall relish it.


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